What connects the two is the boundaries between them.

The 17th TAMA NEW WAVE Competition: Grand Prix for Best Actress Award
The 12th OSAKA ASIAN FILM FESTIVAL, the Indie Forum section
The 31th TAKASAKI FILM FESTIVAL, the Director’s Current Time (Kantokutachino Genzai) section

2016 / HD / 76 min
A Workshop Completion Project: Acting Course of Practical Production 14-2
at Cinema College Kyoto

Director: Izumi MATSUNO
Direction of Photography & Editor: Moriro MIYAMOTO
Art Director: Setsuko SHIOKAWA
Sound Recorder: Aiko SAITO
Production Manager: Yuki TSURUOKA
Sound Recorder & Assistant Director: Hidekazu TOUCHI
Makeup: Megumi MORISHIMA
Music: Koreyuki MITSUNAGA
Producer: Seiichi TANAKA

As an instructor, Izumi Matsuno led the acting workshop at Cinema College Kyoto, the talent nurturing project to develop new cinemas from Kyoto (sponsored by City of Kyoto, Shima Film, and Eiga 24ku). GOOD/BYE is director Matsumoto’s original project in which the main cast are the participants of his workshop. While considering “what is acting in films?” and “how to exist in films?” in the workshop, the film rehearsals were taken place during the pre-production.
As if quietly observing each character, this film subjectively yet deeply projects a broken-up couple’s peculiar inseparable situation and the reactions of people around them.
We see dilemmas to maintain relationships with others. Boundary lines between people that are not only separating one from another but also are connecting one from another. This film modestly lightens up our hopes in a reachable world.

Kaori and Tamaki have continued living together even after three years from their break-up. People around them tell them to make their relationship clear. But the two who are not lovers nor friends still live in the same apartment while following their own rules and drawing boundary lines on the floor to divide their spaces. One day, Tamaki’s male colleague asks her to dinner. Meanwhile, Kaori’s colleague Kimi shows her affection towards Kaori. A visit from Tamaki’s aunt and uncle forces them to confront their relationship.

Born in 1982. Graduated from Osaka University of Art.
Matsuno became involved in production of short films and music after entering college. In 2006, his first independent feature film, GHOST OF YESTERDAY won the Special Jurys’ Award and Project Award at the 30th Pia Film Festival in 2008. In 2007, with the grant of Cineastes Organization Osaka (CO2), he directed his second feature film YESTERDAY ONCE MORE.
Since 2013, he has been an instructor of the acting course workshop at Cinema College Kyoto, and GOOD/BYE is filmed as its completion project.
Matsudo also engaged in films as a sound operator, and those films include: DRESSING UP (2012) directed by Yuka YASUKAWA, SAVE THE CLUB NOON (2013) directed by Moriro MIYAMOTO, HAPPY HOUR (2015) directed by Ryusuke HAMAGUCHI, OKASAN IIKAGEN ANATANO KAO WA WASURETESIMAIMASITA (2015) directed by Michiro ENDO, and HAKODATE COFFEE (2016) directed by Hiroshi NISHIO.
Music is also Matsuno’s passion, and he has released his first music album, Hoshikuzunokuni (Kingdom of Star Dusts).

This film was produced after the completion of the acting workshop. During production, we tried to find out the meaning of interacting with others through acting. At the same time, we tried to focus on existing as characters, rather than adopting a technical approach. This film gave me the chance to meet a lot of incredible people. Not only the cast of the film but also those who I met and shared time with through production. I sincerely hope that this film brings unexpected encounters to the audience.

Place Option
310-2 Higashi-iru Bizenjima-cho, Takoyakushi-dori Kawaramachi, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture
3 minutes Nor th from exit 1 at “Kawaramachi” on the Keihan Main Line and 5 minutes North from exits 4 and 5 from “Gion Shijo” 5 minutes North from “Shijo Kawaracho” on the Kyoto City Bus System for buses 12, 31, 32, 46, 51, 201, and 207
17:25~18:51 (6/26 17:25~19:33“GHOST OF YESTERDAY”)