Sokyo Gallery presents

Shida Kuo solo exhibition

Sokyo Gallery is pleased to present Shida Kuo’s second solo exhibition.

Shida Kuo originated from Taiwan and has been based and is working in New York. This exhibition introduces 32 pieces of his works focusing on the new body of work.

He started with questioning himself why he was attracted by certain shapes and materials, and his internal question eventually come to be externalized onto the whole human being. It is this fundamental question which always underlies his art work.

Shida Kuo purposely chooses clay and wood for his creations, which have been associated in human lives for thousands of years, and by communicating physically with those materials, he forms collective memories of shapes from ancient times within himself, which could create some kind of deja-vu to the viewers, at the same time puzzle them what they might be.  

We hope the visitors to experience the personal conversation with Shida Kuo’s universal visual language in this exhibition. 


Untitled SW-01, 2016, Fired White Clay, Underglaze and Clear Glaze
H53 x W53 x D9 cm/H21 x W21 x D3.5 in.

 Shida Kuo

Born in Taiwan. Lives and works in New York City. 1982 B.F.A. National Taiwan Normal University (Taipei, Taiwan), 1992 M.A. New York University (New York City), 1993-Present Adjunct Professor, New York University (New York City).

Public Collections: Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art (Kyoto, Japan), Yingge Ceramics Museum, (Taipei, Taiwan), Racine Art Museum (Taipei, Taiwan), San Angelo Museum (Wisconsin, USA), National Taiwan Museum of Art (Taipei, Taiwan), Yageo Foundation of Art (Taipei, Taiwan), National Art Museum of the Republic of China (Beijing, China) and many others.


Contact for the exhibition: Atsumi Fujita,

Contact for press: Yoko Izawa,


Place Option
381-2 Motocho, Higashiyama-Ku, Kyoto
5mins walk from Keihan Sanjyo station
2017, Saturday 3rd June-Saturday 1st July
10:00 - 18:00
Sunday & Monday *Sun 4th July is open