Soldier’s tale / Ronin’s tale, Mix Media Performances

Soldier’s tale / Ronin’s tale, Mix Media Performances
at the National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto:
100 years after Stravinsky, The Ronin’s tale explores the timeless myth of Fa
ust and its consequences:
would the human kind definitely has sold her soul to the devil?
The idea behind the writing of the Ronin’s tale was to imagine the continuati
on of the fable of Ramuz, a century after its creation (1918), based on the un
spoken symbols of its history: the devil has won the game, the individual has
lost his dearest dreams in the illusion of an insipid and inconsistent profit.
The devil won and then became forgotten and the “always faster”, “always more”
rooted as norms of our contemporary society…

Venue: MoMAK (National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto)

Date : Friday October 6th 2017
Time : 7.15pm: concert.

Free of charge

A first production of N:Sō Kyoto
Sébastien Raizer: narration,
Alexandre Maubert: vidéo installation,
Sagar Patel: video programming.

Masaaki Tanokura: violin,
Mami Nakamura: clarinet,
Stan Jack: bassoon,
Muro Koji: trumpet,
Mikubo Takeshi: trombon,
Yannick Paget: conductor and percussions.

Concert supported by Buffet Crampon Japan

Nuit Blanche KYOTO 2017

Place Option
Okazaki Enshoji-cho Sakyo-ku, Kyoto
Five minutes walk from the city bus stop “Okazaki Koen / Bijutsukan, Heian Jingu-mae”. Ten minutes walk from “Higashiyama” Station on Tozai Line.