Art Camp Tango 2017

The second of these art projects in the Tango region, following the first in 2014, Art Camp Tango 2017 will revolve around sound, in a diverse program encompassing multiple genres from contemporary art to music, sound art, and dance. The opening performance, “Timetable of the Day: The Tango to Toyooka Performance Train” on September 9 will be an improvised on-board piece in sound and bodies, set against the scenery passing by the train windows. The exhibition “listening, seeing, being there” at the Former Go Elementary School will feature works conceived in Tango by participating artists. With other events including a class aimed at improving understanding of the music of Tango, run in conjunction with the Asian Meeting Festival that has toured performances all over Asia; and a talk looking back on “The Festivity on the Ancient Hill in Tango ’91’93’96’” made by Suzuki Akio in 1987 for a sound project that involved listening to nature for a day on the day of the autumn equinox, at a location on the Japan Standard Time Meridian, to be held, similarly, on the autumn equinox, Art Camp Tango 2017 will be a great opportunity to learn more about the delights of Tango, through the medium of art. Be sure to allow plenty of time to take it all in.

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ART CAMP TANGO is an art project organized by artists and volunteers from the local community of Kyotango city. ACT aims to create a platform for diversity, different values and contemporary artistic expression that cultivates openness in our society. The project was launched in 2013 in collaboration with ‘soundpocket’, a Hong Kong based art and charitable organization, and it holds various events including an artist’s residency, art presentations, performances, research projects, workshops and gatherings, to promote an artistic experience within the sights and sounds of the natural environment of the Tango region.

ACT focuses on artistic expression ‘through sound or in relation to sound’ and invites artists engaged with the phenomenon of sound, space, the environment and the body, regardless of their artistic genres. In order to achieve its goal, ACT provides opportunities for the artists to research within the natural environment and local community of Tango, and then to share their experience with both a local and international audience, and to contribute to diversity and inclusion for sustainable community development.


9 Sep. – 24 Sep. 2017 (Artists in Residence: 28 Aug. – 8 Sep. 2017)
Kyotango City, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan

Participating Artists

  • Makoto Oshiro
  • Tomohiko Ogawa
  • Junko Kido
  • Reina Kimura
  • Akio Suzuki
  • Soichiro Mihara
  • Hiromi Miyakita
  • Akinori Yamasaki

Artists from Hong Kong (香港)

  • Samson Cheung
  • Arumimi Hifumi
  • Fiona Lee
  • Frank Tang

Curatorial team

  • Alice Wong(soundpocket Director)
  • Aya Aoshima
  • Satoko Kiyosawa
  • Hiromi Miyakita


9 Sep. – 24 Sep. 2017 ( * the exhibition venue opens only Fri. Sat. Sun.)
former Go elementary school (Amino, Kyotango city ) and other venues
Makoto Oshiro, Tomohiko Ogawa, Junko Kido, Soichiro Mihara,
Samson Cheung, Fiona Lee, Frank Tang


ART CAMP TANGO 2017 Opening Performance

Date:9 Sep. 2017 (Time and Venue: TBA)
Artists:Makoto Oshiro, Akio Suzuki, Hiromi Miyakita, Akinori Yamasaki and others

Place Option
From Kyoto/Osaka - By train: JR and Kyoto Tango Railway:about 2h 30m【Timetable JR Kyoto Station】 【Kyoto Tango Railway】 - By Bus: about 3 hours (to Mineyama station) 【Tango Bus】 - By Car: from Kyoto: Take Kyoto Jukandoro (Highway): about 2h from Osaka: Take Meishin Highway- Keiji Bypass Highway- Kyoto Jukandoro : about 2h 20m For more details please refer to the Kyotango Tourism Association
9 Sep. - 24 Sep. 2017 (Artists in Residence: 28 Aug. - 8 Sep. 2017)