Mori Koichi/Mashimo Takehisa between: connection in sensory space

Exhibition of three works of media art. Each piece is experienced by two people as a pair putting on glasses, the work reacting when one of the pair tilts their head, so the environment in which each is placed changes according to the other’s movements. In Session A “Sound” the music playing, in Session B “Fragrance” two different scents inspired by sun and moon, and in Session C “Light” vibrantly colored lights and movements projected overhead, all change. The experiment with the use of scent in art – as in Session B “Fragrance” – felt especially novel. Overall the works were interesting in the way they lured the viewer into a state in which they become aware not only of the works’ response to their own movements, but the movements and responses of the other person in the same environment.

Manabe Yuko


between:connection in sensory space

Masimo Takehisa

Mori Kouichi

7-21 January 2018, Monday-Friday 13:00-20:00 / Saturday and Sunday 12:30-20:00

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Place Option
VOX Building 1F,2F 44 Daikoku-cho,Down Sanjo street and in to the 1st street,Kawaramati,Nakagyo-ku,kyoto-city,japan
5 minutes on foot from Sanjo station on Keihan Line.15 minutes on foot from Siyakusyo-mae station on Subway Tozai line10 minutes on foot from Kawaramati station on Hankyu kyoto Line
7-21 January 2018
weekdays 13:00 to 20:00/holidays 12:30 to 20:00
Parking is limited. Visitors are encouraged to use public transportation.