Kosugi Takehisa: A musical picnic

This exhibition at the Ashiya Museum of Art and History combines an array of audio-visual works and informative displays to offer a comprehensive view of the musician’s oeuvre. Be sure to listen carefully to the audio installations, which produce sound by incorporating wave motion from the likes of electro-magnetic waves, ultra-low frequency waves, light, and the movement of the wind. Heterodyne II, in which small speakers are attached to two electric fans, the sounds emitted from the speakers changing according to the breeze and motion of the fans, casts a lovely shadow on the curved wall of the museum, as the undulating sounds spread through the atrium space. Interspersion for Light and Sound, in which speakers and LEDs are buried in four types of sugar, generating sound and light in the manner of tiny insects, produces sounds that vary slightly due to the different shapes of the crystals, the sugar also crumbling from time to time. Combined into Mano-dharma, electronic, meanwhile, in which an AM transmitter and radio suspended from cords vibrate in the breeze from a fan, fluctuations in interference affecting the sound, is video imagery of waves, visualizing wave motion. Kosugi’s “picnic” of sound gives a sense of the sheer diversity of “audio expression,” ranging from sound to that which is not sound, as we tune in to subtle alterations in wave motion.

Kanamori Yuko


Kosugi Tkehisa: A musical picnic

Ashiya City Museum of Art and History

from 9 December 2017 to 12 february 2018

Kosugi Tkehisa
Takehisa Kosugi creates mixed-media sound performances and installations, making use of daily materials and electronic technology, realizing the multiplicity of sounds in space.

Group Ongaku, Flyer, 1961

The Taj-Mahal Travellers, 1961

Yokohama Triennale, 2008

Light Music Ⅱ, 2015

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12-25 Isecho, Ashiya-city, Hyogo