Looking For Her

Eliza, a physical therapist raised by adoptive parents, is in search of her real mother. She moves with her son Noé from Paris to the port town where she was born, but having given birth anonymously her mother cannot easily be found. One day Annette, who works at Noé’s school, visits the clinic. As her treatment proceeds the two of them become close. The director Ounie Lecomte came to France from a Korean children’s home to be adopted when she was nine years old. Six years after Little Birds of Winter projected the emotions of childhood, in this her second film she depicts the chance meeting and fate of a mother and daughter. While Elisa gives medical treatment to her patients, she touches the skin of Annette without knowing it is her mother in a breathtaking scene that communicates the touch of her fingertips, the warmth of her body and her breathing. It is as if it softly speaks to us that each life that falls onto this earth shines equally, and is an existence to be cherished.

Maru ★★★★★

Looking for Her



Director / Writer: Ounie Lecomte
Cast: Céline Sallette, Anne Benoît, Louis-Do de Lencquesaing, Françoise Lebrun, Elyes Aguis
2015 / France /1 hour and 44 minutes

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Cine Libre Umeda from 20 August
Cine Libre Kobe from 27 August
Kyoto Cinema from 1 October to 28 October


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Karasuma-dori Shijo-sagaru, Suiginyacho 620 Cocon Karasuma 3F
2 minute walk from Shijo station on the Subway Karasuma line. 2 minute walk from Karasuma station on the Hankyu line.
from 1 October