The Only Living Boy in New York

The setting is Manhattan, and young Thomas (Callum Turner) cannot get the friend he secretly fancies to so much as look at him that way. A man who has moved into the apartment next-door tells the unhappy youth to “find a window (of opportunity), then pounce,” but Thomas describes his empty life as conventional and boring. One night, he sees his father with a woman with whom he is obviously having an affair, and on the neighbor’s advice, starts to follow her. He urges her to break up with his father, but she will have none of it, even going so far as to accuse him of being a child with “no idea how the world works.” As he becomes involved with the adults surrounding him—a father who dislikes him, a mentally unstable mother, the neighbor in the next apartment, his father’s mistress—Thomas’s “conventional and boring life” slowly starts to change. And when confronted with a family secret, we witness the sight of a young man finding a window and pouncing, which makes the final scene of him walking alongside his father as a fellow grown-up so moving.

Kitano Takahiro


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