REALKYOTO is a web magazine devoted to providing culture and event information, as well as reviews and criticism, centered on Kyoto and the Kansai region (some events outside of Kansai will also be introduced). Using our “Cultural Search Engine”, readers can search events through various filters, by genre, date, artist name, and so on.

This site is jointly managed by the Ozaki Office and the Academic Research Center (ARC) at the Graduate School, Kyoto University of Art and Design. REALKYOTO is the sister site of REALTOKYO, which provides cultural information in and around Tokyo.

Reviews and critiques posted on REALKYOTO will be archived. When possible, content will be provided in both English and Japanese, and a multi-language archive is planned for the future.



REAL KYOTO Action Committee

ASADA Akira (Director, Academic Research Center, Graduate School, Kyoto University of Art and Design)



NAKA Takahiro (ARC)


OZAKI Tetsuya (ARC)

SATO Hirokazu (ARC)

HASEGAWA Keiko (Secretariat, ARC)


Editor in Chief: OZAKI Tetsuya (Ozaki Office)

Editor: KANAMORI Yuko

Art Director, Editor: OKADA Masamitsu

Programmer: WAMOTO Kenichi (Drama Inc.

Translators: Pamela Miki Associates


As of January 2017.