To our readers


Please note that updates to REALKYOTO will cease at the end of December 2020, ahead of the site’s relaunch in February 2021 as the web magazine in the website of ICA Kyoto (Institute of Contemporary Arts, Kyoto). ICA Kyoto is scheduled to swing into full operation next year as the venue for a diverse range of experimental art practice and research activity, with a contemporary art focus.

As a special project in anticipation of this new development on the Kyoto art scene, we have put together Japanese subtitles for Plan B, a video made by internationally renowned conductor Teodor Currentzis and his orchestra MusicAeterna. To learn more about Plan B, please see the essay by ICA Kyoto director Asada Akira.

Details of the structure of ICA Kyoto and its programs will be announced in due course. We hope you will continue to read and support REALKYOTO until the end of the year, and from February 2021, enjoy REALKYOTO FORUM web magazine.

Ozaki Tetsuya
Editor-in-chief, REALKYOTO


(Publication: December 28, 2020)